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When a business is facing bankruptcy, the Commercial Loan Group team is dedicated to creating a plan that meets the approval of the courts and the business owner and benefits both.

CLG has helped many businesses overcome the challenges of bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is a process that no business wants to deal with, we provide expertise, support, and compassion to help you during this difficult time.

When walking a business through bankruptcy, CLG will:

  • Understand your circumstances and creditors
  • Help you understand what your future looks like 
  • Walk your business through preparation and the court process 
  • Create a beneficial approved plan
  • Work to avoid liquidation when it is not necessary 
  • Evaluate opportunities for success to get back on track 

The CLG team has years of business, banking, and bankruptcy experience. We endeavor to ensure that everyone invested in the business, whether owner or institution, receives what is needed with a manageable, professional, and timely approach.

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