Turnaround Services

Helping your business get back on track to success. 

“Hope is the life force that keeps us going and gives us something to live for. Hope is the crucial part of dealing with life’s problems and maintaining resilience in the face of obstacles. Even a glimmer of hope that our situation will turn around can keep us going.”

For Owners

From Day 1, our plan is ACTION. Our goal at Commercial Loan Group is to connect with you, the business owner, on the first day to create a partnership and begin taking ACTION. With our 29 years of experience in owning and operating many profitable businesses, directing distressed businesses back on course, and with our experience in executive banking, we have the understanding, know-how, and expertise to energize your business and get it moving on the road to success.

Here is just a sample of what we will do:

  • Evaluate the business structure, reorganize, and fill in any holes
  • Watch all financial movements and make healthy restructures
  • Work closely with lenders to rework loans 
  • Add temporary personnel where needed 

At Commercial Loan Group, we are able to offer the HOPE that you, the owner, need for your business. We can show you how to restore the faith that your business needs to be successful.

For Lenders

Our goal and our success lie in helping a struggling business recover and get back on track. We have the proven banking and business experience to know what steps need to be taken to make success happen.

When you, the lender, are ready to call it quits on your investment, Commercial Loan Group would like to offer you a way to regain your losses. 

We work with the bank and business owners to evaluate a particular situation and provide options. We will determine if the business can survive and what needs to be done. We provide portfolio workouts, refinancing to other institutions, and liquidation. 

With a more demanding banking environment and increasing government control, it is best to verify and reconfirm information so that you, as a lender, can make wise decisions in risk. We offer lenders the first steps of asset evaluation, verifying those assets before you begin the financial relationship.

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