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“Tom is a man whose moral philosophy is centered around the word integrity. When I first met him, he asked me if I followed any particular philosophy in life. He did so because he knew that a man’s character is often defined by the things he believes and values. He is wise in knowing that it’s that intangible aspect of a mane that defines what a business can be. Such a man, who comes to mind in light of his recent passing, was Steve Jobs, whose vision of what something could be, allowed him to create so many things that others doubted were possible. Tom is such a man. 

I work as a dentist where local competition is twice the national average. The national average of new patients per month is about 20-24. Yet, with twice the competition my practice has grown to an average of 25-27 new patients per month. While competitors are shrinking, we’re growing. I owe this amazing feat to the guidance of Tom Kim. I look forward to serving my patients each day and in return I have been richly blessed by the loyalty and referrals of my existing and new patients. “

“…thank you Tom, for all that you have done. I feel that I will never be able to repay you back for all the things you have taught me. You have not only made my business a better one, but more importantly taught me to be a better man”.

Gene Hahn, DDS
Cascade, Michigan

 “Working with CLG been the single most positive experience that we have had in regards to the over all success and direction of the company. Tom Kim has an extensive skill set that he brings to our organization and has an incredible way of identifying the keys areas that management needs to focus on while offering encouragement to the entire team. The experience that Tom brings and the depth of his knowledge made a noticeable difference, immediately, to our bottom line. Our investors are equally impressed with his professionalism and knowledge, as well as the way that he presents himself. We would highly recommend CLG for any type of organization.”

Bonnie Knopf 
President/Intrepid Plastics
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“CLG has given us an extra “boost” having someone here [working with us] with Tom’s background. He has made us “look outside of the box” in areas we hadn’t looked as or thought of. Tom tries to understand our line of business, and he listens, as well as directs. Working with CLG has changed Lakeland Mills for the better. Now we are approaching the future with clearer vision of what we want and how we want to get there. I would recommend Commercial Loan Group to any business in need.”

Teresa Hunt
Lakeland Mills
Edmore, Michigan

Tom Kim is dedicated to helping businesses in Michigan survive and grow in a challenging economic climate. He brings real world experience and practical solutions to the table. In my opinion, Tom’s team approach to addressing complex operating and financing issues in an economical manner is what distinguishes Commercial Loan Group.

Mark H. Zietlow

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