Management Team


Tom Kim CEO/President

I established Commercial Loan Group in 2003 after deciding to finally leave the banking industry and own my own company. I wanted to experience and understand what it is like to be in manufacturing. I had grown tired of the battle between “being there for our customers,” when in reality, I was there to be Number 1 for my shareholders.

My vision is to represent both the best interests of my customers in helping them get the best programs and also the lenders, protecting them in good business investments.

For the first five years away from banking, I worked for the business owner. After the economy collapsed, along with the banking industry, a great many notes were being called in. Business owners didn’t know what to do, and banks hadn’t really dealt with something like this before. I decided that I should be a mediator between business owners and banks. Many businesses have suffered. Cash flows have dried up, debts are needed to be adhered to, and it’s hard to get that done. After the economic collapse, total chaos ensued. I expanded my services with owners and bankers and brought in a team to help turn around these situations and create a win-win for everyone. With these turnarounds, we have had limited turning costs, low court costs, and minimized taxpayers’ losses by limiting the charge off loans and having to pay for the loss.

We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but we serve businesses in all 50 states and also internationally.

Steven Tebeau – Senior Financial Manager

Steven has a proven track record in increasing earnings in diverse markets and industries. He is proficient in turning around organizations and executing growth plans and builds teamwork by providing support, making expectations clear, and developing a relationship with all team members. Steven is respected by a wide variety of functional groups, ranging from production workers to board members.

His particular areas of expertise include strategic planning, financial planning, acquisitions/divestitures, international accounting, ERP software implementation, banking relations, legal affairs, and audits.


Clarence Medema - CPA

After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with an MBA, I have spent the past 30 years in western Michigan serving as a CPS, tax specialist, and business counselor. During this time, I have rebuilt, restructured, and started a number of businesses, creating many success stories! I have never seen a more challenging and rapidly changing business world than we have today. I hope to be of great assistance to anyone seeking help in this business climate.

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"Tom Kim is dedicated to helping businesses in Michigan survive and grow in a challenging economic climate. He brings real world experience and practical solutions to the table. In my opinion, Tom’s team approach to addressing complex operating and financing issues in an economical manner is what distinguishes Commercial Loan Group."
-Mark H. Zietlow, attorney