Unemployment is an opportunity to create employment 

Unemployment is about 9 percent . . . our passion is helping baby boomers that have been let go from Big Co. The government is running out of money to pay unemployment benefits. Baby boomers come from decades of experience. Our solution is to harness that experience and help you to start a business. Our country has grown because of business start-ups. It is time for people to begin taking those steps to start new businesses.

If you fear the risk involved in starting a business, let us help you.

  • Steps for starting a Business
  • Coaching through a Business Plan
  • Feasibility Determination
  • Legal Preparation
  • Website Development

By using our comprehensive business experience, we can help you start on the road to your dream of success. We will coach you through the necessary steps for starting your new business, coaching you on those big decisions, answering those hard-to-know questions, helping you make connections, and getting you the loans you may need. 


Eighty percent of businesses fail within the first five years. Poor insight, poor planning, and inadequate resources often account for the failure of potentially successful enterprises. Small businesses are often vulnerable in many ways aside from financial problems. Ambition and enthusiasm may be present at the outset in starting a small business, but leadership, structure, and accountability will sustain it for years to come.


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